Friday, January 20, 2017

Celebrating Carlos

Another year zooms by, and now Carlos has been here for seven years! Making him anywhere from about nine years old, up to who knows how old. He has his vet check-up next week, and I look forward to discussing the problems of feline aging with them (sigh).

But today, we celebrate! As I did last year, and as I hope to do for many years to come (you hear that, buddy?).

A few highlights of the year, naturally. February; this is how I feel about winter, too.
March. Doesn't it look like he's in the middle of telling a crazy story? And then...!
April, another perspective-and-paws shot.
May, the pole dancer again.
June, in a blur of love for the catnip toy.
July, in which he appears to be giving me the finger in his sleep.
August, in which he gets quite close to a perfect square pose, again in his sleep.
October, aka, Where have you been?
And finally:
I feel like I'm forgetting something...
Or was I in the middle of something?
Wait a minute, I think I was asleep, and you woke me!
Talk to the paw, cause the kitty has had enough of photographs.
Mah baybee.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Happy Carlos Day!!

10:27 PM, January 20, 2017  

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