Thursday, November 17, 2016


Well, I survived the day in the office, just barely.

I did in fact get to bed early on Tuesday night, in preparation for getting up and moving early; I was in bed around 8:15, I think, and only read for a few minutes before lights out. Last night? I was so tired that I was in bed before 8.

It might not have been so exhausting, except it turned out that the new boss was going to be in the office on Wednesday, which meant an hour spent in a meeting*, trying to look alert, and then a two-hour sit-down lunch spent trying to do the same, and wow, that was not easy. Which sounds stupid, perhaps, but when all you want to do is lie down ... the only good thing is that feeling the way I did, I let myself off the hook for feeling like I ought to have Meaningful Questions to ask her, and Pertinent Conversation Topics at lunch, and just rolled through the uncomfortable pauses as I was. Fun times.
*So nice to hear all about the company they just acquired; I wonder if they could afford it because they didn't give us raises this year?

I did get to work about half the day, better than nothing, and then I rolled home again, exhausted and grateful that there have been no noises made about me having to go into the new office in the city; once in a blue moon, perhaps, but nothing like regularly. I kept hearing conversations yesterday about, "How are you going to go in?" which made me actively aware of just how lucky I am. (New boss started that meeting by acknowledging that it would have been good for the move not to be so sudden, with time to gather feedback and plan and, oh, how many of you have longer commutes now? Really? Most of you? Oh.)

My back also hurt yesterday, and even more so today, which I didn't need. I can't imagine it's related to the neverending cold--how could it be?--and I do periodically have lower back pain, which I imagine is my body saying to me, "Hey! Remember that time 20 years ago when you worked for Barnes & Noble and lifted boxes all the time? Bad idea!" But on top of the cold, I really don't need anything else that isn't working right.

A final unrelated note: one of my neighbors sold her condo--the closing was today--so please to be crossing fingers for me that the new neighbor is, at best, awesome, and at worst, unoffensive. The previous woman was a good one; I'll miss her.


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Yes good luck with your neighbor!

9:06 AM, November 23, 2016  

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