Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Quick Grumble

The first period of last night's Bruins game was one of their best periods all season. (Doesn't sound like a grumble, does it? Wait for it.) They came out working hard, scored less than a minute in, went 2-for-2 on the power play and killed the only penalty, out-shot Detroit 19-7, and led 4-1 after twenty minutes. Bergeron had three points, and survived a Chara shot to the head, apparently without harm, somehow (it required them taking his helmet to the locker room to bang out the dent). It was great, so much fun to watch.

Unfortunately, hockey games don't end after 20 minutes. After 40, their 5-4 lead was less impressive, as indeed their play had been, and my only regret at turning off the TV was that I hadn't done so after the first, leaving at the high point and getting more sleep. (Tonight is Operation: In Bed Before Nine.) This morning, I learned that they went on to lose in the shootout. Great.

This year, the Bruins are making an art of inconsistency, not just from game to game but sometimes within the same game. So what happens now? Anything? Will the coach get fired? Will they make a crazy trade? Will they just keep seesawing until April, and miss the playoffs for the third consecutive year? Only time will tell.

Well, this is cheery, isn't it? Come back tomorrow for actual cute! I have a plan!


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