Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Mixed Day

Today wasn't an all-bad day, but it has had its moments.

The headache I had yesterday got worse last night, not all the way to Severe but definitely Moderate, worse than I've had in a while. It didn't go away when I went to sleep (early); I kept waking and thinking, "Ow, nope," before drifting off again. At some point, though, the tide turned, and I would wake and think, "Hmm, better," instead.

At 5:24, however, when my smoke alarms* went off for approximately seven seconds, and my heart rate leaped stratospherically, I realized that it wasn't completely gone. Ahem. Nothing like a strong jolt of adrenaline to test that out. I actually did lie down again, once I could, and eventually got a little more sleep before the alarm went off, but I was jumpy all morning.
*The sound does not make me leap into productive action or consider rationally what might be wrong: it takes me all the way past that and firmly into frozen panic. It's not good.

I finished up what I was working on this morning, and (spoiler alert) didn't get my next report all afternoon. At first it seemed like I would, and being at home made the waiting easier to take, since I could wander away from the computer here and there, pick up knitting or a book ... though still not ideal. (Although I perked up when I heard, unrelated to work, that I won a sort of contest thing, that was nice!) Eventually my boss told me that I should get it in the morning, and to end my day early, which was fine. And she mentioned how glad she is that I'm back, which even from her is nice to hear.

I had to take Belmont back to the vet about her ears, and between the timing and my post-headache hangover/lethargy, I didn't get anything much done with the extra time. Eventually I woke her (still napping in her desk-top shoe box) and poked her into the carrier; you can imagine how happy she was about that. The vet said the infection was better but there's some inflammation that she'd like to see go down, so it's a few more weeks of the drops and back again. Sigh. She hates the drops, plus every time we go in, cha-ching. Oh well. That's what you get with old cats. Same thing with the frequent throwing up, like what I had to clean up this morning, I almost forgot to mention that. On the desk AND on my chair, which I had (of course) forgotten to cover last night with the towel I usually put over the seat for just that reason. Oh, yes, and I sat in it. That kind of morning.

So that's where we are. Not all bad, but feeling kind of limp, plus indigestion/acid reflux that has me contemplating crackers for dinner. I just took some Alka-Seltzer, so maybe that will help. And not to end on a downer, I will include something I ran across recently when I was cleaning stuff out.

I used to cut out quotes that amused me, with the idea of sticking them up somewhere, and this one was from a piece in the Charlotte Observer, about cats.
I just love that "watch for small bones they are like fish that way."


Blogger Leslie said...

My boys would leave me the heads. I think they were hinting I should have them mounted but lived with perpetual disappointment.

7:03 PM, September 01, 2015  

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