Monday, August 31, 2015

A Quick Note on a Quick Knit

(Strangely enough, while emotionally I've been fine today, physically I'm a bit of a mess: sore lower back since this morning, slight headache this afternoon. Oh, and did I mention that since last week my face is breaking out like a teenager's? What I'm saying is, let's talk about something else. Knitting!)

The last time I got my hair cut, I learned that my hairdresser is going to be getting cancer treatment, and was in fact going wig shopping that day. I (naturally) offered to knit her a hat. Although I did mean it, it was casually said, but she was very touched and clearly delighted by the idea. So, okay then. A hat.

Last week, I realized that I have my next appointment this Friday, so I picked up a ball of yarn (the yarn I'm using for the blanket, in fact, nice and squishy and machine-washable, and before you ask yes I have plenty), and found a simple pattern to work with it (the Expedition hat). And a few days later, I had this:
I'm pretty pleased with it. I hope she likes it.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

It's lovely!

7:06 PM, August 31, 2015  

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