Thursday, September 10, 2015

...Huh? Sorry (yawn), I Missed That

I am going to bed early tonight.

I didn't get to bed particularly late last night, but this morning the last hour-plus of my planned sleep was severely disrupted by felinis-avec-death-wishis, to use the technical term for cats, and man, have I felt it today. It didn't help that said house tiger, who tried to get me to get out of bed from about 5 AM on, then spent the day periodically trying to get me to come back to bed and keep him company.

Is there a stronger word than irony? Maybe I could think of it, were I not so tired.

At least work is going well. I'm making good progress on my current report, and was successfully able to call in to the monthly meeting this morning. AND, I managed to mute my phone, which I haven't had to do before, so I wasn't sure how to, but it was easy. And tomorrow afternoon we have a work gathering, so I'll get to talk to people, which to be honest I don't miss all that much on a daily basis, but once in a while is a good thing.

In the unfortunately column, one of my neighbors is having a fence put in, and the workers were here All Day Long, mostly doing loud things. Mind you, it was pretty cute when they stopped a passing ice cream truck ... but the leaf blower must die.

No, I don't know why fence installation required a leaf blower. Do you?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I haaaaaaaate leaf blowers. HATE THEM. If I had the gumption I would try to get a vote to ban them in our town on the ballot.

8:10 PM, September 10, 2015  
Blogger Leslie said...

Leaf blowers -- they're not only for blowing leaves anymore. Our maintenance guy uses his to blow the grass clippings away from the walk and the installers were probably using them to blow away debris and loose soil from the holes they dug to install the cement "holders" for the fence uprights. Are you sure they were all leaf blowers or were some of them powered post hole diggers? As I recall the sounds are pretty similar, loud and nerve grating.

12:16 PM, September 11, 2015  

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