Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Here I Am Again

This morning, I put this on Facebook:
The bad news: Landscaping trucks pulling up across the street for Day Five of whatever they're doing.
The good news: First paycheck today! It's like I'm working for a reason.
So, yes, day five* and counting of the trucks and the workers and the power tools. I thought they were just building a fence, but maybe it's a bunker, or a tunnel to Canada, or something more involved. It's a good thing they're named Done Right Landscaping, and not Done Fast.
*Yes, they came on Saturday

But in the happier news, yay, I got paid! That will come in handy for paying bills. It's not that I didn't think I was going to get paid, but I kind of didn't believe the woman who told me that the first check would be direct-deposited, since in my (considerable) experience, the first and last are usually live checks. How glad I am to be wrong! So much simpler, the money is just there, and the savings account remains unmolested. Whew.

And don't say I don't know how to celebrate such news. Why, after I went to the library and Target, I picked up Chinese food on the way home. Party time!

In other news, yesterday and today have been excellent examples of another reason working from home suits me: when my head isn't 100%, I don't have to do the "should I go in, or will it get worse if I do?" dance of indecision in the morning. I just go to the computer and try it, do as much as I can, take breaks when I need to, and it's pretty productive, actually. My head hasn't been awful or anything, but I'm definitely not at 100%, and yet, I am still able to get work done.


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