Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hockey and Socks. Not Hockey Socks

I just finished watching the first episode of this season's Behind the B, the Bruins reality show*. Obviously a lot of ups and downs, since it covered the time period that started with them not making the playoffs in April, firing the GM, trading big-name players, and so on. It was nice to get a glimpse of Bergeron, and see some behind-the-scenes stuff, training and all that. The draft, the kids at dev camp, Max Talbot trying to catch chickens! The promise of hockey. Training camp started today! It's coming!
*And I know that I should be grateful for the pizza place that is one of their sponsors, but oh lord, they play the same commercial twice every break for an hour--do you know how many times that is? I don't want to see a GOOD commercial that often!

Knitting continues to progress. I really feel like this pattern repeat on the blanket will be the last one I need to do, it's just So Big, and the closer I get, the more eager I am to finish, just finish, be done already. I want to hand it over! I bought an enormous gift bag at Target the other day. I'm ready. It's not quite, but I am.

I mentioned that I'd finished the last purse socks, the Carlos-colored ones, and I did get some pictures. Traditional, feet-in:
And the comparison shots:
 "What are you doing?"
 "Peoples is weird."
And here's the start of the next one.
 Mish-mash of colors, but I like it. A change is as good as a rest.
I'm off to watch the rest of Despicable Me 2; I was listening to music this afternoon, and when I got to Happy and other songs from the movie, it made me want to see it again. Good night!


Blogger goosefairy said...

I see you're doing the skyp socks again. A pattern I've found which I think I may end up doing as often as you do the skyp socks is Hermione's everyday socks ( It is a lovely, easy pattern with just the right amount of texture.

2:40 PM, September 18, 2015  

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