Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Of This and That

Possible last blanket update*: it has been gifted. On Sunday afternoon I was invited to dinner, and although I had been thinking of bringing it to stitch and bitch on Monday for one last show-off, I decided I just wanted to hand it over and be done. They were pleased with it, and I put a picture of it on Facebook yesterday and received a gratifying number of compliments. Ahh, done!
*Because who can say for sure?

There was a beautiful picture of hajj pilgrims in Saturday's Globe that I was going to cut out (I still get the actual papers delivered on weekends, though I mostly read them on the tablet just the same as I do during the week), but then the paper wasn't there. So I looked for the photo online, and found it in a week-in-photos listing (and it's worth clicking on the photo to see it larger).
The colors, the pattern... I just love it. The photographer is named Arif Ali (according to the credit line, which also says AFP/Getty Images), but my first round of Googling did not locate a way for me to purchase the photo. Wouldn't it look stunning framed on the wall? I'll have to try again.

This year's winner of the First Random Birthday Greeting award is the place where I was getting my car serviced up to a year ago--I've been taking the Kia to Kia since I bought it. Since this card gives me a free oil change, I'll probably go back there next time! Which I guess means they win, but whatever, free oil change.

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