Thursday, September 03, 2015

Reading Thoughts

So today seemed to pass more slowly than usual; I'm not sure why, as I had work to do and all. But the day ended eventually, and I popped over to the library to pick up a stack of holds.
As it's a long weekend (and happy Labor Day to you), I especially wanted to be sure I got them. I'm on quite a roll with reading this year, especially with my, ahem, unplanned free time this summer, and I think I'm achieving better life balance than I did last year, for whatever reason.

While we're talking books, I am actually remembering to report back on the book I mentioned last week, A Murder of Magpies, by Judith Flanders. I really enjoyed it: there were only a few spots that I felt were pushing plausibility, and overall I very much liked, not only that the heroine was not a 20-something, but that her age could be used to her advantage. The details were good, like when she went to meet someone at an appointed time and place, but he was too busy looking important to come over right away, so she sat down and pulled out a book and suddenly there he was; or when a VIP kept her waiting a long time, so she (again, but she is a book publisher) pulled out a book and, when he came in to the room, looked up while putting a finger in the book to keep her place--small details like that made it feel quite real and very entertaining. I do recommend it. (Re-reading this, I can't help thinking that you'd never believe there was a time when I had book reviews published in a local newspaper. Honestly, they did say more than, "It was good, I liked it"!)

And I'll let you know how I feel about the ones in the picture, as I get to them. 


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