Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today's Thoughts

This morning didn't start so well.
  • It was raining before I got up, strongly enough that I had to mostly close Carlos's window, which displeased him: in his opinion, a window open a few inches might as well be bricked up, and he refuses to admit that "it's raining in" means anything significant. All-day rain* = all-day sulks.
  • Belmont also didn't have the best morning, having thrown up three times since 10 last night.
  • Cleaning cat puke at bedtime and again in the morning meant that I didn't have the best time either. 
  • I also didn't sleep well, which is probably unrelated to the prior point, but left me even less equipped for the day.
  • Then, due to the rain, it was approximately 1000% humidity, to the point that showering seemed redundant. Not much wetter in the shower than out, and as soon as I got out, I was sweating more than before. Sorry if that's oversharing, but ugh. And there isn't a day in the 10-day forecast currently showing 0% chance of rain.
  • I have to admit to smirking a little, though, when I looked at a weather alert and it was about the rain impacting the morning commute. Not for me!
  • And at least with the rain, the roadwork down the street is off for today. The equipment has not been quiet, the last few days. A break from that is nice.
*It did actually break for a while in the afternoon; he and I were both pleased to open windows. But later, boom, and closed again.

The photo that I wrote about yesterday got me thinking of other things I could put on my walls. This is mostly for the office, which is more blank than not, and where I am spending more time than I used to. So far, I have the Rogues of Wool print from Little Dee (love!), the print I got at Rhinebeck last year* and had at work (love!), and a framed copy of the first book review I had in the paper, years ago when I wrote book reviews for a while. I also have a knitting print that a friend gave me, which was a super-thoughtful gift but in fact is not one I love for itself (why no, I don't believe she does read this blog). I'll probably get rid of that, but it's okay for now.

*[Didn't I ever put that on the blog? Apparently not, since I can't even find a photo of it! Here's a quick shot:
I don't see this one on the website, but there are many great ones. I surprised myself with my choice, as she has so many funny ones with sheep, some of them knitting themed (Hovercraft) and some of them not (Silence of the Lambs), but I just loved the colors and the peacefulness of this one.]

So, getting back to what isn't there, I could frame some of my own photographs, though that would require time in selecting and preparing. But there's no rush, as long as I don't put it off indefinitely, and it might be time enjoyably spent! And Etsy, of course, is full of possibilities (I may need a Knitters Eye Chart, for a start). And remembering the piece I saw in the Everson Museum in Syracuse, the knitterly porcupine, I'd love a print of that, if such a thing existed.

I also remembered another print I had seen and really liked a while back, and since I was pretty sure I had bookmarked it, last night I went poking back into the morass of saved-for-various-reasons blog posts I have marked in Feedly. Eventually I found the Boing Boing entry from over a year ago, which looked fine and then showed up funny, but with working links, which is what matters. I'm thinking of getting both Tomato Season (Whole) and Tomato Season (Sliced), and hanging them next to each other (I like Citrus Fest too, but not quite as much, and I like the idea of the pair). But what size? I think 5 by 5 is too small, but 10 by 10 or 12 by 12? Decisions, decisions.

Now, here's an unrelated question for you: have you ever felt read rage? According to Powell's Books:
I have, and probably more than once, but the one I remember best is Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. I may or may not have thrown the book across the room at the end, but I have certainly kept my vow not to read her books again. Argh! One feels so betrayed, you know?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I feel exactly the same way about Jodi Picoult! Also, Jonathan Frantzen. I threw The Corrections across the room.

8:41 PM, October 01, 2015  
Blogger goosefairy said...

I once threw The Shining across the room but for a very different reason. I was sitting on my floor (in my first apartment - not much furniture) and was reading steadily. I had gotten to the part in the maze and evening was coming on. I didn't have any lights on but I was so focused on the book I didn't realize how dark it was getting. All of a sudden my clock, which was an antique 8 day clock with the most horrific "chime", which was more of a clattering BANG, went off. I screamed and threw the book across the room.

Never threw one because of hatred though.

11:46 AM, October 02, 2015  

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