Sunday, September 27, 2015

Getting (Some) Things Done

A few things I've gotten done this weekend:

Tablet replaced!
I went to AT&T, on my way to getting an oil change, where I had to wait for a while and then ended up talking to someone who was new and not that confident, and thus unable to guide me out of my thicket of indecisiveness (at least not before I had to leave for that appointment). After the appointment and my next stop (about which more in a moment), I was in the mall and saw another AT&T store, and decided to try again. This time, the guy was able to help me realize that yes, if I go to a smartphone, that will be another $20-30 per month, which I'm just not quite ready for. But they had this nice little tablet, an Asus Memo Pad 7 LTE, and it seems to be much the same as the Nexus. Better sound, perhaps, and camera; hard to be certain. If I change my mind in the next two weeks, I can take it back, but it seems unlikely. I think I'm good.

That interim stop was at the Container Store, to come up with something to lower the risk that the cats will get into the open yarn bins, but still allow me to see the pretty yarn. I got two of these, $6.99 each. (There was another type I liked, but at $17.99 per piece, and I would have needed four instead of two, well, I didn't like it that much more.)
And went from this:
To this:
No guarantees, but I think it improves the odds. Makes me feel better, anyway.

While I was leaving the mall, by the way, I was going through Macy's furniture, and saw this on a table.
Rolled up book pages ... tied with string ... and placed in a bowl ... as decor. Riddle me that?

Or tell me what this plate is supposed to mean?
Also seen around, a display of Bruins clothing at Costco.
See the lone piece of red? For some reason, one lone Philadelphia Flyers jacket. Weird!

I've been working on the spider for Grandma today, now that the blanket is done at last. So far I have the body, the head, and a couple of legs done. No problems anticipated in finishing in time, knock wood.

Also today, Belmont went to snooze on the bed (after throwing up on the couch; I think she wanted a change of scene). Carlos was not amused at the proximity.
As you can see.
Mind you, he chose to be there. But he wanted to be there without her.

Meanwhile, she was unimpressed by his State of Miff.
A final note: I put on random socks this morning, as I sometimes do when I'm just being home, and was amused to think that in black and white, they would probably match.
Or maybe to someone color-blind?


Blogger Alice said...

OMG, vanity plates that are too hard to decipher are such a pet peeve of mine, which is completely irrational but i can't help it.

Sex pining?
Sex: peen in?
Six pins in?


12:33 PM, September 28, 2015  

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