Sunday, May 04, 2014

Of Tension and Control

The word tension has a knitting connotation, related to how tightly or loosely a knitter knits, which can have very direct effects on the end result, in either a good or a bad way. In order to get the desired end results, a knitter may have to use smaller or larger needles than a pattern or a yarn calls for; tension can also change with experience, so that a knitter who picks up a project that had been put aside from early days and carries on may find that the line between past and present is far too obvious.

I bring this up because it crossed my mind during yesterday's Bruins game when, late in the tense and exciting third period, I decided that I had better try on the sock I was working on, to make sure that the non-knitting-related tension I was feeling was not translating into a sock that I wouldn't be able to get on my foot. Good news:
That non-knitting tension came about because the Bruins, after scoring the first goal of the game, allowed Montreal the next three. It wasn't their best game, but then halfway through the third period, they apparently decided they'd messed around enough. They scored, and again, and again, and topped it off with an empty-netter to win 5-3. Whew!

I watched the game at Mary Ellen's, and the resident furballs welcomed me. Finn, in particular, made himself right at home.
And apparently both I and my things smelled intriguing, as Molly thought that a deep investigation of my bag was called for, and perfectly normal.

Finn, by the way, reacts much as Carlos does to being picked up by his mama: feeble protests that are drowned out by the purring.
Save me! (purr, purr)

The piggies, meanwhile, were the subject of many blurry photos. For little guys, they move a lot! But I got a few good ones.
The cats were only around when we were quieter, so we saw little of them for the end of the game, but it was nice to hang out with them anyway. Jasper and Oliver were less disturbed by our vehement rooting.

After the game was over, and our pulses settled, we went on with our previous plans for the afternoon, which involved a trip to Coveted Yarn to use the coupon I got during the yarn crawl, and dinner from Woodman's. Yum to both! I managed to get just one skein, tempted as I was by the 500 grams of laceweight (for $95). None of the colors were quite compelling enough for me to spend that much, with no plan in mind, even with 20% off. Pretty, though.

What I got was a skein of Knit One, Crochet Too, Crock-O-Dye, in the charmingly named colorway 977. I call it shades of granite.
Wool, nylon, and a little silk, mmm. I have lots of colorful yarn; this will make nice quiet socks, for a change.

While I had the camera out today, I took pictures of a box my mother brought me when she visited. It held tea in its past life; now, it is a nice way for me to see all the pretty stitch markers I have.
I have some lovelies, don't I? And they had been tucked here and there among the knitting supplies, not set off as they deserve. This is better.

As for the "control" mentioned in the title, I am trying to focus on what is in my control, and not obsess about what is not. Or, at least, not obsess so much! I can't make the company get their offer ready. But I can do the dishes.

And as I mentioned to someone, at least I'm not as sorry as usual to have the weekend ending. Maybe I'll hear something tomorrow! But, again: out of my control. Those dishes, on the other hand, are not. Off to get soapy! Though let me leave you with a Carlos picture, so he doesn't get jealous. Here he is yesterday, holding his paw. Being cute. As he does.
He was approximately 4% awake when this picture was taken.


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