Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And Two Days Left

Last night was a quietly successful evening. I stopped at the post office and the grocery store on the way home; put the recycling out as I brought the groceries in; got together things I needed for tonight; blogged; petted the demanding kitty; and got back on the bike, after the weekend of I-don't-think-so broke up my previous streak of six days in a row. And then I went to bed early. Yay, me. Tonight was an errand, a quick dinner, the chiropractor, and then my alternate knitting group, which I haven't made it to in months, what with one thing and another. Carlos isn't thrilled with my absence, but you can't please everyone. Time to turn the hockey game on and see how LA is doing.

Although I haven't been weeping into my pillow over the Bruins' premature playoff exit, I will admit to being pleased at how the Rangers are beating Montreal (not last night, but overall). They're not making it look totally easy, which would be embarrassing, but they're getting it done (assuming last night's Montreal win was an exception, which I am assuming). And LA is beating Chicago too, so far, which given last year's results also pleases me. I am winning the consolation playoffs.

The Bruins, meanwhile, released their video thanks to the fans, which was mostly enjoyable to watch (if slightly bittersweet).

Nice to see all the former Bruins who dropped the puck through the season pop up again!


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