Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nothing Further Yet

Today's nerves felt different* from what I've been dealing with over the last few weeks. Less uncertainty about will-they-won't-they, since that seemed, though not guaranteed, fairly sure. A bit of excitement mixed in (I might really be getting away from this company, and boss!). Some nerves specific to giving notice and how that will go, and to starting a new job.
*Though still draining, oh, yes, very much so

The prospective job has been so much on my mind recently (you're shocked, I know), pushing other concerns aside, that I've been afraid I'll slip up at work and mention it in conversation. This morning when someone asked if I was nervous about tonight, I had an instant of almost-panic before I realized he meant the Bruins game. Oh! Yes! Game 7! I am, actually! I don't think my hesitation was even noticeable, but it says a lot that the game wasn't at the top of my mind.

For that matter, the class I'm taking at the Knitting Lab in New Hampshire is on Friday, yes, that's the day after tomorrow, and when did I last mention it here? Well, there was the day I wrote about registering for it, and the next day with a little more... but that was in January. I'm excited about it, honest I am! But, just no time. Between the job thing, headaches, and all the other Stuff of Life, I haven't even prepared for it. What's the address? How long will it take to get there, what time is the class, when does the market open, where do I park, where will I get lunch? I need answers to at least some of these before I leave.And tonight, with the hockey game, I kind of doubt it. I'm not usually so last-minute, but there we are.

I have my Bruins shirt on, and I'm about ready. As ready as I get, anyway! Oh, Bruins, go, Bruins!


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