Friday, May 09, 2014

Nothing. Well, the Bruins Won. There's That.

If it hadn't been for the Bruins game last night, I would have been in bed much earlier than I was. The headache was less, but still present, and the energy-sapping nature of the disease was in full force. As the evening went on, and the game went on, and no one scored, I slid lower and lower on the couch, willing myself to stay awake, willing the Bruins to score.

Finally, at the last TV time-out in the third period, I went to bed, turning on the radio to listen. No one scored, so the game went to overtime. I nearly fell asleep during the intermission, but was very much awake when, just over a minute in, the Bruins scored. Yay! I leaped up to watch the replay on TV, then dropped back into bed as exhausted as if I'd been playing myself.

Incidentally, Matt Fraser had been called up from the minor leagues the day before, and by tucking that loose puck in the net when he did, he became the first player to score in the AHL and NHL playoffs in the same year. Not bad for his first NHL playoff game, eh? What a dream for the kid.

I felt better today, not 100% but close enough to bring minor euphoria. The head pain went up and down a little, but never got truly bad. My neck and shoulders feel like they're filled with cement, and I'm still ridiculously tired, but whatever, the head's not so bad.

Unfortunately, though, the euphoria was tempered by not getting any word about the job. I really, really hoped I wouldn't be spending another weekend in limbo. Shit, man. Welcome to self-pity-land, but shit. I just want to KNOW already.


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