Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And How Was the Knitting, You Ask?

Last night's knitting was pretty peaceful, on the couch with my sidekick purring beside me. Pictures to come, but in words:
  • I picked up the rest of the gusset stitches on the purse sock, so it is ready to be good on-the-go knitting again.
  • I did up the toe of the bike sock, so that pair is officially done. So many hours on the bike!
  • I cast on the 2-in-1 socks again, carefully, and while I admit the yarn may not work out as perfectly in the color-change arena as one with more colors would, it felt like the best option at the time and I'm going to see how it goes. The ribbing is extra fiddly, but I'm so happy that it's working! What a neat trick.
  • Finally, I got on the bike and cast on the next bike sock. Just keep swimming!
And in fact, I believe I will. I leave you with your random photo for today:
You know, I love dessert, but that last one? I pass.


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