Tuesday, May 06, 2014

More progress!

I heard from a reference this morning that she was contacted (and that the caller "sounded positive" about me), so that's great. I also heard from the recruiter again, asking if I could provide a reference that was a manager or supervisor; I hadn't even realized that my references are all people I worked WITH, not FOR. Whoops! Funny how incredibly obvious that seems, in retrospect. Anyway, I reached out to a former manager, and while waiting to hear back from her, did forward a written reference that she had provided me when I was leaving that job, which is suitably lyrical about the wonders that are me.

References are a funny thing, though, aren't they? I guess the giving of them would weed out an applicant who wasn't smart enough to select people who would speak well of them, but what else do they do?

Anyway. I missed the start of the Bruins game for one of the few reasons that would trump playoff hockey for me: meeting a friend's baby. He's so sweet! Of course I can't throw pictures of him up here, but surely the hair is worthy on its own. See?
Isn't that awesome? He is rocking it; his mother says it's natural, but they do encourage it. Wouldn't you?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That hair is like a natural Kewpie doll 'do!

12:29 AM, May 07, 2014  

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