Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zombies, Cold, and Science. Naturally.

There are a lot of zombies around Boston today, and not just for Halloween. Now that the Red Sox have won the World Series, there are going to be a lot of people catching up on their sleep, the way I did in July, though without the satisfaction of my team having won. Ah well. Are any of you wearing a costume? Or have you seen anything particularly good? I got to see an angel and a skeleton close up, as well as many small shapes wandering all over the sidewalks (Halloween is so nerve-wracking as a driver, isn't it?).

It's raining a little tonight, but on the plus side, not that cold (around 60). It has been really cold at work lately; seriously, I'm wearing my winter coat at my desk, I'm wearing long underwear, it's ridiculous. And what I don't understand, other than why the hell* it is that cold in the first place, is why no one else seems to think it is a solvable problem. I'm not the only one who is cold, though I seem to be the one most bothered by it (before I put the coat on, I'm the one with the scarf, shawl, fingerless gloves, and so on), but why is this acceptable anyway? It's a twenty-first century American office park, you know, not a yurt on the tundra. Mind you, those are probably warmer.
*Mmm, hell would be warm....

I brought a thermometer in to work, and got interesting results this morning: when I put it on the right side of my desk, which is the side by the window, it registered 68 degrees, and when I moved it to the left, it went up to 72. Doesn't that seem a little extreme for a move of two feet? Tomorrow I'm going to try moving it to a desk farther away, where it seems less cold, and we'll see if science backs that up.

For science!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I'll trade you! It's regularly about 76-78 at my desk. Bleah. Luckily, I have a fan, and if I'm really dying I can open the back door. (Ooh, here's a thought: can you have a little heater at your desk? If so, we have one you can have.)

11:37 PM, October 31, 2013  

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