Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hippo Birdy to Meeeeee!

Over the last week or so, the leaves have been turning beautifully, and this morning was mostly sunny, so I could really enjoy them on my birthday. Mother Nature wishing me happy birthday!
So did Starbucks, mind you.

And the Google home page! I was surprised to see cake and candles when I opened it this morning, but there it was. For me!

And don't the Chinese think that 8 is a lucky number? Well, here's what my car passed this morning.
So that's like "happy birthday" in Mazda-speak, right? All sorts of friends sent me messages, cards and e-mail and Facebook and even text. And my best friend's mom made me steak, mashed potatoes, and peas for dinner, with a Pepperidge Farm coconut cake for dessert: my complete favorite meal at age 10, and still a favorite today. Just delicious--and she sent me home with leftovers.

I've been eating pumpkin seeds all week, too; I got about two cups out of those pumpkins. Happy fall! I do love this time of year. And particularly the smell in the air, and the trees that change color in stages.
Happy my birthday to you!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Happy (late) birthday!!

10:53 PM, October 10, 2013  

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