Sunday, October 27, 2013

Not *All* the Pictures Are Blurry

It's probably related to having my period, but I have had very little energy today, and combined with Carlos having a limpet day, I've spent more time on the couch than I'd planned, not getting a whole lot done. The annual end-of-October exhaustion! But Friday night (when, by the way, I was in bed shortly after 8) I promised more Bruins pictures, and I will at last deliver.

First, the only hockey connection is that this was seen in the garage. How quickly would I cut my leg open on the horns, if this was near me regularly?
The extremely artistic effect of someone (one of the officials, possibly) skating into the view juuuuusssstttt as I clicked the photo.
Lucic, looking, well, large as life, or larger!
Action shot of the snow barrel advertising the team's 90th anniversary. I honestly feel like they just celebrated 75. Sigh. Am old.
Tuukka! During a break in the action, obviously.
Reflections in the ice, half resurfaced.
Leaping out for the third period: I can fly!
I wonder if Vlasic has a nickname that is pickle-related?
Action shot: My puck! You can't have it!
Non-action shot: before the face-off, the linesman set the puck down in the circle. See, between the skates, on edge?
Coming right at me!
Finally, the money shot. Point eight seconds!
Meaning that:
Everyone celebrates with the game-winning goalie. Two Us, two Ks, two points!
Both Krejci (the second star) and Tuukka (the first) gave their sticks to fans in the crowd. Isn't that nice?
Some things I did not get pictures of: Bergeron taking a face-off and his helmet banging repeatedly into his opponent's. (Or vice versa: I don't know who started it.) And Marchand, standing around just in front of us in his best wiseass manner, while a linesman removed his (Marchand's) stick from the groin area of a San Jose player. Nice. He's totally a guy you love on your own team, hate on any other.

What a game. Is it any surprise that I'm knitting something for my friend? Specifically, for her grandson, a scarf in Bruins colors. I found some nice, machine-wash-and-dry yarn in Bruins colors, and after a few not-quite-theres, seem to have found just right, and it's half done.
Nooo... too many color changes.
Not that, either... not a big enough needle, no drape.
Yes, I think so!
I know, the pictures aren't that good, but they give an idea, anyway, and only time will tell if this is it, but I think so.

And given that I typed most of this with a handicap, it will have to do. What handicap, you ask? This one:
A loveable handicap, to be sure, but it does add a degree of difficulty to using the computer that I could do without.

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