Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Of Knitting and Knitting

I mentioned at the end of yesterday's long Rhinebeck-and-yarn post that I have knitting updates. So, what is up with my knitting lately?

Thanks to all the knitting time over the Rhinebeck weekend, I got the second sock for my friend to a point close to done by the time I was home again. It wasn't done yet, but it was at the point where it needed to be checked against the first sock for where to start the ribbing, and then for how long to make the ribbing. In other words, it wasn't going to make good knitting to bring to the Bruins game--not that I planned to knit during the game, but for traveling to and from, and while waiting.

So I cast on for a new sock last Monday, to be the next purse socks, which I had decided (before Rhinebeck) to make in the same pattern, the Dead Simple Lace Socks, but a smaller size, in hopes that it will fit me this time. I had wound the yarn (Foot Notes yarn, from Fiber Optic) before Rhinebeck, even though I knew it wasn't at all likely that I'd need it then, and on Monday I was glad to have the decision made and winding done when I needed it. I went to the other knitting group Wednesday night just to get the toe done, so the sock would be ready for Thursday.

And then, of course, we drove in, and I never knit a stitch. Oh, well, at least it was ready! I finished the pair for my friend this weekend, and it was nice to have the next one lined up. It's not a bad idea, given my level of knit addiction, to start the next one before I finish the current one--not too far ahead, but avoiding that nothing-to-grab stage.

The finished ones:
And the toe of the next:
They're farther now, of course; maybe this weekend, with daylight, I'll catch up on the picture-taking.

I finished a quick knitting project over the weekend (well, Monday night, anyway), which I need to photograph
better, but here's a hint (this has since been ripped, but it gives an idea).
I will say that "acrylic" isn't the kiss of death in terms of yarn feel anymore, is it? This is almost silky soft. Amazing. I have an idea for the leftover yarn, too; we'll see how that works out.

In other knitting news, I'm got the itch to make a super-warm hat for this winter. A few years ago, I took a stab at double knitting, and for multiple reasons ended up frogging it. I think I'm ready to try again!

Then, my friend who is pregnant cleverly posted this on her Facebook page recently.
Dear Knitting Goddess, I am so grateful for all of my knitting friends. They created such beautiful gifts for (first child) when he was born, from sweaters to hats to blankets to cocoons--all of which I can't wait to use again on the new baby in February. Please, if they're thinking of making gifts for the new baby, could you whisper in their ears that what I'd really like is a wardrobe of warm socks ranging from 0-12 months? It's hard to find warm woolies for such tiny feet.
Which made me laugh: okay, I won't make the blanket and the sweater, but will go for multiple booties instead (these, to start; do you have a pattern to recommend?). I'm still making her a hat, though. This pattern is just too cute for me to resist. Sorry!

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to an extra hour of sleep next weekend? Whoosh, time to fall back.


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