Monday, October 21, 2013

And Then I Bought a Lottery Ticket

This started out as a good day, and then got better, and then better again. Wow!

I had a great time this weekend (more on that tomorrow, I'm working on it, but I'm running out of today already), and was home and exhausted around 7:30 last night. It was so nice to lie around and relax, petting the kitty, instead of rushing to unpack and get to bed because I had to get up for work. I slept until almost 9! It felt great. I got up, turned on the coffeemaker, and looked at my e-mail, then sat blinking stupidly at a message from the cat-rescue place telling me they might (finally) have foster room for Miri, and asking about my schedule to hand her over.



Well. Let's not get too excited prematurely, but, ooooh, would that be awesome. I kind of won't believe it until it happens, but I hope, I hope.

I hung around the rest of the morning, read the paper, cuddled Carlos, took yarn pictures, all that stuff. Then I went off to a doctor's appointment, and as I went into the building, I took out my phone to turn the volume off, and found a text message from my Bruins-loving friend and previous ticket source, inquiring whether I was free to sit in the front row Thursday night at the Bruins game.



Well. I guess I could make that. Though I have to reschedule a haircut and all. Kind of a pain.


(Perhaps not the best news to get right before an appointment to check my blood pressure, by the way, but he wanted to put me on medication anyway, so it's not like that tipped the scales.)

So, as you might expect, when I went to pick up a few groceries, I got a ticket for tonight's lottery, too (two, actually, as there are two different ones drawing tonight). Probably nothing will come of it, but really, given this day, it might!

I'm off to pick up my prescription, go to the chiropractor, and to stitch and bitch. Busy, busy, busy ... and happy!


goosefairy said...

Fingers crossed for you! I think it would be awesome to actually know someone who won the lottery. Not as awesome as winning it myself but pretty darn sweet all the same.

Mary Ellen said...

Jealous of the Bruins tickets!! And hopeful about the Miri foster home!

weiderella said...

Just wondering, why are you giving Miri away?