Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Of Chocolate, and Hockey

One of my friends gave me some chocolate for my birthday (if you, too, are a caramel fiend, this and this are equally fantastic), and as it happens, this is a great week for me to have good chocolate around. This is my second cycle off the pill (to see if it helps lower the blood pressure, which it doesn't seem to be doing, alas); the first one was 29 days, but this one was 24, highlighting two things about being off the pill I don't like: unpredictability, and short cycles. Sigh. Plus cramps, which were especially bad this morning; I found myself thinking, "Come on, codeine, I'm way too aware of my midsection."

In other, happier news: the NHL starts tonight! The Bruins don't play until Thursday, but it's officially hockey season, yay!
 I'm off to watch whatever's on. Hockey, hockey, hockey! It makes me feel like this:


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