Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Order to Have Something

I look at my behind-the-scenes Blogger page, and see that I've published over 1950 posts, and I marvel at it.

And then I realize that some of them are like this one: Hi! I have to go pack! Later! And it becomes, shall we say, marginally less impressive.

Oh well. Such is life. Here are some things I've seen on Facebook recently, that I don't think I've put here yet. If we're Facebook friends, forgive the repetition.
As I said on this one, "I actually forgive the spelling errors for the sense of humor." Click to enlarge.
Rhymes with Orange is clearly done by a knitter, or at least someone knit-friendly, as I believe I've noted before.
Finally, I don't curse as much here as I do in real life (and especially in my head), but this is worth it.
Just too true!

Now, I have packing to do, a game to watch, a kitty to cuddle ... busy night! Catch you later!


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