Monday, October 07, 2013

A Clipping Pace

Saying that the day (and, it being Monday, the week) started well because I trimmed the cat's claws may sound odd. However, when the cat in question is Miri, and I've been trying to get hold of her for I don't know how many weeks, you can understand my relief in being able to state that I finally got hold of her, and for a few weeks at least, she will not be sticking to things. Little ingrate.

I'm wishing I could say that by the time she's due again, it won't be my problem, but I'm afraid that won't be true. I've been waiting to address the issue until I had good news, for fear of jinxing it, but not talking about it has not been working either, so here we go: I've been talking with someone (a person at a rescue organization) about getting rid of Miri, which, yay! Except that it's been two months of communication, and guess who still lives at my house? Princess Floof herself. So. Humph.

In totally related musings, here's why you should try to under-promise and over-deliver: if you know it will take a week to perform a task for someone, which is better, to tell them it will take two days or that it will take two weeks? Which is going to lead to a happier customer?

I know, I'm not exactly a customer here. But a corollary to this is, if you don't know how long it will take for something to happen (say, for room to open in a foster home), then say you don't know how long it will be. Don't say you think it will be a week or so. Ahem.

So, the oven. After the National Grid man left yesterday, I went onto the website for a local appliance store, and since the website said they did service but nothing about how it worked, I filled out their little online form to ask for more information. Someone called me back today while I was eating lunch, so I missed the call, and for the life of me I couldn't make out her name on the message, meaning when I called back, I couldn't ask for so-and-so. And the woman who answered the phone was completely flummoxed by what I was saying. Why would they have called me about service? Was I saying that I had called yesterday? No, the website. You No, I filled out the form. On the website. I'm not sure she ever understood; it seemed like she decided to skip over the whole thing and start fresh. Whatever. They're coming Friday morning, and in the meantime, I'm taking the cookie dough to a friend's tomorrow night and borrowing her oven. It works out.

Okay, Sir Purrs-a-lot needs me. Later!


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