Thursday, September 12, 2013

Various Tidbits

As the season turns, summer edging away and fall creeping nearer, we've been getting cooler nights and days when it feels warm in the sun but decidedly chilly in the shade. The first leaves are turning, some apples are ready for picking, and I recently had cider for the first time this year. That said, what is up with the weather this week? It had been getting quite chilly (the breeze coming in the window Sunday night was really cold), but the forecast highs for the week, when I checked Monday morning, were basically 70, 80, 90, 80, 70. Weird, right?

I don't know that it actually hit 80 Tuesday; I didn't go out at lunch because it was pouring, but at 4:30 it was no more than 75. Wednesday was definitely warmer, and humid! Lord, so humid. I ate lunch outside and the warmth was so nice, but the humid was hard to breathe through. (In discussing North Carolina's summer weather with a friend recently, I was asked if one could bicycle in it, and I said sure, if you like to bike with a wet wool blanket over your face.) Today wasn't quite that warm, but still, maybe 85, warm and humid. Yet tomorrow it's supposed to hit 70 and rain. Ugh.

I was at least half-planning to go up to Wilmington on Saturday and watch some of the Bruins training camp, but I found out that they're having it in Boston instead*, and now I'm not sure. By simple mileage, Boston is closer, but for ease of getting there, I find Wilmington easier. Of course, Ristuccia is always freezing, and there's the fun of seeing them in the real arena, but... I don't know. Probably not. (Particularly since my fellow Bruins maniac can't go.)
*Oh, they're in Wilmington, all right. On Monday. Thanks.

My mother reports that the weather guy on grandma's local-cable-news station breathlessly announced the possibility of penny-sized hail, maybe even dime-sized.

For the sake of any non-US readers, I will point out that our dimes are slightly smaller than pennies. Bigger in value, sure, but as a unit of relative size? Not so much.

I was in the ladies room today when two women walked in talking. One had apparently just told the other that she had no shame, for the other said quite cheerfully, "I have absolutely no shame." And then she added, "It makes the day more interesting."

Which left me wondering whether it was having no shame that makes the day more interesting, or something else that they were talking about. I'll never know, of course, but what do you think?

Fuck, now someone ELSE I like at work is leaving. That makes my three favorite people there, leaving over the course of three months. I have to find another job!

Am I over-generalizing about the younger generation, or do you think it's true that when they get a job, instead of thinking (as I would), "Oh good, now I'm set," they instead think, "Well, let's try this, and if it's not right, move on in six months or a year"?


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I would totally go watch the training camp stuff with you!!

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