Friday, September 06, 2013

Knit Update before Decamping to the Couch

Well, the entire work day was not in vain. No, I didn't have any actual work to do (the size of this calm period bodes ill for the size of the storm, when it arrives), but I seem to have set up my own variant on casual Friday, which involves knitting at my desk when there's no work to do. More than half the office "works from home" on Fridays, and the atmosphere in the office is very low-key. If I have nothing to do, who is bothered by my yarn? No one. Obviously, it goes away when there's work. But until then, I'm making some progress, and I'm happy.
Today I got from just before here:
To here:

As you can see, the second try with the purse sock is working well. First off, I switched needles to a pale wood, which is much easier to see this yarn against than the Knitpicks Harmony needles I was using (that I love so). These are even more blunt, which is trying during the K2tog or SSK parts, but the visibility is worth it*. (They're also more flexible, and of course that's much better than breaking, but feeling them bend in my hand is a little unnerving.) The short-row toe went well, I think, and the pattern is aptly named Dead Simple, since 75% of the foot stitches (and half of the leg, once I'm there) is plain knit. The pattern section is easy to learn and easy to tell when I've gone wrong. In other words, perfect!
*Though it may be time for me to give up my love of wood/bamboo needles in sock sizes, and find some really pointy metal sock needles. I like the non-slickness of the natural material, but even I have my limits.

You can't really see the pattern well in this yarn (there are yarnovers on either side of the lines you can see, so when it's stretched out there's a bit of a lace element), but that's the way it is with yarn this colorful: nothing will show that well, that isn't the point of such yarn (and it does mean that if I mess up the patterning, even I may not be able to tell). This gives me a bit of pattern to keep me entertained, without being at all difficult or annoying to do. Perfect.

Now if you'll excuse me, my cramps and I are headed to the couch, with serious evening plans involving the iPad, knitting, possibly a movie or a book, some ice cream, and hopefully, Carlos. It's a tough life.


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