Sunday, September 22, 2013

Of This and Also That

This has nothing to do with anything, but I was just on Amazon looking at cat toothpaste*, and I can't believe that they have either "vanilla mint" or "maple" flavor options. He's a cat! Beef, chicken, fish, sure, but maple? What gives?
*I know, the excitement never ends. I'm supposed to be brushing Carlos's teeth, but he didn't like the sample the vet sent me home with, so I have to try something else. Not maple, though, surely.

Oh! And a funny story that also has nothing to do with anything: yesterday I got a phone call from a woman trying to sell me a deal on carpet cleaning, who explained that the company doesn't do advertising, but relies on "mouth to mouth". I managed to say, "I'm not interested thank you" and hang up before I burst out laughing, though perhaps if I had laughed in her ear, she would have realized what she said. In case she runs across this, ma'am? I believe you meant "word of mouth" there.

I have a few knit things to show off that are none of my making, which always feels funny, as a knitter. In fact, one of them is something I bought, for a friend's daughter's ninth birthday, and I even wrote on the card that it isn't something I made, because I felt I had to explain. However, I saw this really cute scarf in the store, and thought she would enjoy it. It's something I could make, theoretically, yes, but not in time, and anyway. Super sale.
Fun, right? It reminds me of the loops of ribbon on the Christmas tree.
The brand I had vaguely heard of, Little Miss Matched, and do you see the suggested retail price?

$49.00? Not what I paid, thanks.
The yarn to make it would cost far more. I also got this fun little tote to "wrap" it in.
So there's that. The other item is a hand knit, by one of my knitting friends. Is this the cutest baby hat ever? Possibly.
But wait, don't miss the back.
Love it!

In news of my own knitting, I don't have a new picture of it, but the shawl for my aunt is coming nicely. I finished the third repeat of chart A, and decided to do one more. I think this will be enough, but I'll decide when I get to that point. And get pictures, too! I went out to run errands today and squandered some perfectly good daylight. On the other hand, I paid less than $16 for a contour pillow* that had a list price of $75, and I filled the car with (cheap) gas and bought cat food and litter and groceries, so it was still a win for the day.
*Which will hopefully support my chiropractically adjusted neck better than my old foam one was doing; I keep waking up with an achy head, and I suspect the pillow is the culprit.

I think that's all for now. I want to try and get a few more things done around here before bed time, and you know how that sneaks up on me, on a Sunday night especially. Perhaps I will start with dinner.


Blogger Leslie said...

Oh, why not give the maple flavored toothpaste a try? Sometimes cats can be surprising. I doubt he would go for the mint but the maple is a possibility for Mr. (Sweet Tooth Is Me)Tux. I need to talk to the vet about a tooth cleaning for him when I see her next (Hallowe'en day)and I'm sure after that we will begin brushing. Does Carlos like it?

9:02 AM, September 23, 2013  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That might be the cutest baby hat I have ever seen. And the scarf is cute too, although it looks like it would be a pain in the butt to make -- unless you're really into provisional cast-ons and grafting.

And hey, I bet Finn would like maple. He likes baked goods, after all.

7:36 PM, September 23, 2013  

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