Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quickly, a Picture and a Question

I went to knitting tonight (alt group) and got nicely along on the shawl, but then I got home and the evening panic is setting in: no time! Put dinner away! Pet the cat! Ride the bike! Get to bed!

So let me just say this, that this card illustrates the exact reason why I changed the "see updates" thing on one of my Facebook friends (to not see his updates, I mean):
If you're on Facebook, what annoys you when people do it?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I hid a cousin and at least one friend from high school because all they ever posted were their own wedding pictures -- long after they got married. Like, the cousin was constantly changing her profile picture to a different one from her wedding, and she's been married for a couple of years. The daily lovely-dovey picture thing just sort of creeped me out.

12:19 AM, September 26, 2013  
Blogger goosefairy said...

I'm just never on facebook anymore. I don't post and, with one exception, my friends all post the puddle of consciousness garbage I don't need to waste my time reading. If I'm going to waste my time I'd rather do it on ravelry or pinterest.

8:33 AM, September 26, 2013  

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