Monday, September 09, 2013

Let Me Quick Point You Places

My goodness, but going to the chiropractor and to stitch and bitch and coming home in time to watch the new Bruins show on NESN* doesn't leave a lot of time to bike before it's get-ready-for-bed-time (which Carlos thinks it should be now), does it?
*I'll write more on that tomorrow, but the TL:DR is that I enjoyed seeing Behind the B.

So! Where can I send you? Serious or amusing?

If you're in the mood for serious, by which I mean Deep and Fascinating, I would point you toward the racial segregation maps reported by Wired magazine, which I read about recently on Boing Boing. The lines where one race is found more than another seem so random sometimes! I could spend a lot of time wandering around these maps and wondering why.

Amusing? Well, have you seen this Evian commercial?

It certainly amuses ME!


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