Sunday, September 01, 2013

NOT the End of the Weekend!

It is a fine feeling to approach Sunday evening relaxed, instead of depressed about the imminent end of the weekend. My brother says that in all his experiences over the years with different work schedules, he found four work days and a three-day weekend was the best, and I believe it. I've spent some time Getting Things Done, and some Doing Nothing Much, with the help of my loyal assistant.

He's a master relaxer, this one.

It is too bad that the weather hasn't been better this weekend, though. Friday evening was lovely: I ate out with friends on a restaurant patio, and we were so happy with the weather (and the restaurant, La Casa de Pedro in Watertown--the coconut flan was divine).

There was also a giant sunflower.
Because why not? Since then, though, it's been cloudy, and rain and thunderstorms, with the accompanying 150% humidity. Yuck. Still, inside is air conditioning as needed, and a floor fan when more is needed (say, when biking), and it works out.

There has been both knitting and photography of same. We have finished socks, and socks in progress. Bike socks pair one:
And the start of pair number two:
You can see why this yarn wants to be knit directly under a good light. It's going fine, and providing a lot of motivation for me.

In the realm of purse socks, the pair completed on Friday:
And, in completely coincidental (not at all) timing, the pair that was started on Friday:
Bright, right? Looking back, I've been using some quieter tones in recent pairs, and I thought it was time for a brighter pair (particularly with the dark gray of the bike socks). This is a skein that my brother gave me; it's from Pigeonroof Studios, in the "colourway" electric rose. I'll say!
That should knock any end-of-summer doldrums right on their ass, I imagine. In other next-purse-socks news, I am thinking of (gasp) choosing a different pattern. I know! I love the Skyp pattern! And I still do, but the pair on the bike is the tenth pair in a row ... and I think it's time for a break. I'm feeling like trying a toe-up sock again, since it's been a while. Maybe I'll just compromise and use the Skyp stitch in a toe-up pattern! I'm doing these in Skyp, since I didn't have time to figure out a toe-up start before dinner on Friday, but next time. Anyone have a pattern recommendation?

The thought also crossed my mind that, now that I am competent at knitting socks, it's probably time to try making them on a circular needle, a technique I have hitherto avoided while I mastered it the other way*. Which means buying one! Perhaps I will pick one up at Rhinebeck. Or borrow one from a friend to try--that might make more sense.
*There are actually more than two ways, but you know what I mean.

Finally, I have to sit down and consider the aunt shawl tonight or tomorrow, since I messed up and need to decide if it warrants repair. ‚ÄčI worked on it at knitting Wednesday night, but I had some struggles with the section I was starting. It was only on Thursday that I realized why--and incidentally, what's with the next-day realizations related to this thing? Perhaps I should start calling it the next-day shawl. Anyway! My "genius" idea after Monday night's mistake, to just go ahead and drop the yarn-overs when I came to them? It failed to account for the fact that two of those YOs were in the first row, meaning that when I dropped the four YOs in the second, I left my stitch count off by two. So that's at least part of why I was confused. I think I'll go look at that now. Or maybe I'll have dinner first. Who knows?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

The Hermione's Everyday Socks pattern I'm currently doing is super easy. It's starting to look pretty nice, too!

6:35 PM, September 03, 2013  

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