Friday, September 20, 2013

Fortunately, Today IS Friday

Good thing it is Friday: with arthritis in my hands, I shouldn't be punching anybody.

This morning Miri jumped up on the bed, but landed on my midsection and freaked out, leaping off again in a fairly painful way. She didn't leave bloody skid marks, so I got lucky there, but still, that's no way to wake up. Fortunately, the fact that the day was Friday redeemed it from being *that* day, if you know what I mean. It wasn't a great day, but it was all right, and then it was done and it's the weekend.

As far as the mystery car noises, we seem to be okay. I took the car back to the shop after work, and since they were busy, took a loaner with the expectation that they would look at it tomorrow. However, I got a call about an hour later (I was almost home, having run an errand on the way) that it was in fact related to last week's repair*; they adjusted the something in the something (bolts?) and it's supposedly all better now.
*I suspect that the possibility it was is what had them looking at it tonight.

I guess I could be irritated that they needed to follow up, but honestly I'm too relieved that it wasn't some new, unrelated, and potentially expensive thing going wrong, as can happen with a car of a certain age.

My third-string worry, by the way, was that they were going to find something totally ridiculous, the equivalent of a can of cat food rolling around making noise. How embarrassing would that be? Though perhaps it should have been my second concern, as embarrassment is cheaper than most repairs. Whatever. I'll take the loaner back tomorrow and get my hopefully back-to-normal car again.

The loaner, by the way, is a Toyota Corolla, 2012 according to the tag on the key, and still smells a little new. Even if I only drive it for 20 miles, it's been fun.

Another fun thing this week, of which there are a few even if I have to look hard for them, is that yesterday I took part in my first yarn-bombing! Which really is an actual thing, if you didn't know: there's a whole Wikipedia page, or you can Google it and have hours of fun. My stitch and bitch decided to yarn-bomb a little tree outside our regular meeting place, as a kind of art project, and when I say little tree, I mean little tree.
Here's the whole tree, Before.
As I mentioned, I made a piece of no-pattern knitting, and here it goes, being attached.
Here you can see my bit, and part of the next one down.
There's another down below that I didn't get a good shot of. As you can see from these next shots, we were losing light. But one of my friends made these long skinny bits to wind around the branches, which came out super-cool.
She wants to do a few more, so I'll try to get more/better pictures. There's one other bit too, which went onto a nearby lamp-post.
It was all a lot of fun to put up, even in the grumpy mood I brought with me yesterday, and possibly the best part was the expressions of people walking by. Only a few actually asked*, but you could tell that a lot more were wondering, What the hell...?
*Based on the reaction of one of the people who did ask, I don't think the concept translated well into Chinese. She looked more confused after the answer than before.

I then went home and listened to the Bruins lose spectacularly, which is far less upsetting in a meaningless preseason game than it would be later in the year, but still wasn't all that fun. As the Stanley Cup of Chowder blog cleverly headlined it:
I h8-2 See That
Yup. It was bad. Rematch tomorrow, and Bergeron's finally playing, so I hope for better things.


Blogger goosefairy said...

Bless your heart. I didn't know you had arthritis. Doesn't that make it difficult for you to knit?

2:11 PM, September 23, 2013  

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