Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ugh, Change

I learned today that my closest friend at work is leaving. Doesn't change suck? I am so not a fan.

I really appreciated the way she told me, though, suggesting a Starbucks run so I could hear it from her. She even bought me the drink, which was awfully nice.

I'll take her to lunch before she leaves. And we'll keep in e-mail touch. But it isn't the same. I am, sincerely, happy for her. But I'm feeling very sorry for myself at the same time.

Sigh. So! I started making lists of things to do in preparation for a job search, as I've been thinking of and quasi meaning to for a while (without actually getting much done). I also did some window shopping to cheer myself up (it was a very slow day at work--the sixth Very Slow Day in a row, in fact, verging on a new record), and think I will have to get myself this business card, since it is too perfect, don't you think? My contact info goes on the other side.

I also ordered a going-away card for her, which I will be warning her not to open in the office, since it's this:
(It's available here.)
Hey, it could be worse, I decided this one was a step too far for me:

I also am getting her a couple of magnets to commemorate our running office jokes. Specifically, corgis:
(Get your own here!)

And bacon:
Particularly perfect for a scientist, eh? (Here.)

They make me feel a little better. But not a lot.


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