Friday, September 27, 2013

Of, Let's See, Oversleeping and Hockey and Knitting. And the Weekend. And Planning.

I overslept this morning: despite being a lifelong, well-habituated snooze button user, I somehow managed to turn the alarm off entirely. When I woke later and thought, "Guess I have to get up," I looked at the clock and realized why I felt suspiciously rested for a weekday: it was two hours later. Ah. Fortunately, my job (for all its faults) is neither a time-clock-puncher nor all that uptight, especially on a Friday, so I didn't have to go into panic mode, but still, no time to sit down with the paper and coffee this morning.

Which is too bad, because the coffee (which I still made, but drank on the go) was particularly good. I was at the grocery store last night picking up a few things, including coffee creamer, and found that salted caramel mocha "season" is back. Mmmmm! (I put it in quotes because believe me, if such a season existed, I would know it.)
I'll be happily buying that as long as the "season" lasts.

The Bruins won their game last night, which is meaningless but nice. After I posted that I was going to listen to it, I turned the radio on to find, instead of the Bruins game that one of the blogs told me would be on, a talk-radio discussion of the Red Sox instead. Humph! I turned it off, but shortly thereafter it occurred to me that:
  1. It takes two teams to play a hockey game.
  2. Their opponent last night was Winnipeg.
  3. As a Canadian team, I bet their radio station was carrying it!
So I listened to the rest on the game on the home of your Winnipeg Jets, thank you, and will be doing the same tonight. Pretty funny. The wonders of the internet age! Sitting on the couch with the iPad, listening to a radio station hundreds of miles away, in another country.

My weekend plans are many and social, which is unusual for me. I have a family-style dinner Saturday night, in honor of my friend's daughter turning 9 (she's the one getting the present I didn't knit, remember?). On Sunday I'm going out to my friend's in central MA and we're making applesauce, then I drive back to have a pot luck dinner with a group of friends. Whew! Lots of good stuff there, but I have to fit all the usual weekend stuff like laundry in too. Which is why I just started that now, despite enjoying the sloth of a Friday evening. I did hang out on the couch for an hour after I got home, so I'm pacing myself. I had to try these, picked up at Trader Joe's tonight:

Peas! I would scorn their non-fresh-picked-ness in June, but at the end of September, delightful. Though there is a typo on the label.
It says "ready to use" but I'm sure they meant "ready to eat"--and I did!

Now, not that you asked, but the biking has been something I've done almost every day lately. I mean, look, the sock went from here on August 31st:
To here today (well, after yesterday, I haven't ridden yet tonight):
Not bad in a month, eh? That's a lot of puffing and straining. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting: I started the heel flap last night.

It's funny to me to notice how my stamina varies so much day to day. I mean, I never feel energetic, that's just not my nature, so I wouldn't say I notice a difference in how tired I am from one night to the next. But some nights it's all I can do to bike for five minutes before I have to rest, while other nights I can do twice that--not happily, but it's not impossible. Weird.

Also, not only haven't I noticed any change in how my clothes fit (yet, I hope), in the last week or two I have again been noticing that unpleasant sensation that my stomach is sitting on my lap. Which: what the hell is up with that? I weigh myself every week or so, and while it goes up a pound, down a pound, I've not gained anything to speak of. Ugh.

Let's not end on that note. I've seen some fun stickers on cars lately. Here are a few:
Also, the closest parking job I've ever seen.


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