Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bleargh. Zzzz. Sigh.

By the time I could have blogged last night, I just didn't feel like it. (I'm also sad tonight because today was my friend's last day at work. Curses.) I haven't come straight home from work one night this week, and I've been getting to bed late as I try to get things done, and I'm feeling a little stretched.

Tomorrow night I wanted to come straight home, but of course the car, not content with the money I put into it last week, started to make a funny creaking noise that I can't pin down, so I'll probably end up going to the shop after work instead. Honestly.

Hopefully I'll sleep late on Saturday and Sunday, and that should help a great deal. For tonight, meanwhile, I'm choosing bed over bike. And over blogging longer, for that matter.


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