Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Some Little Bits

Words that came out of my mouth: "I was not expecting that ferret." (In pictures of a knitting pattern)
I got another so-and-so is following you on Etsy notice. What is up with that, honestly?

I get daily e-mails via the Oxford University Press that have the "tip of the day" from Garner's Modern American Usage (yes, I am that much of a word-nerd, didn't you know?), and in addition to the tips they give word- or writing-related quotes. I liked this one a lot:
Quotation of the Day: "People who can't spell look bad because, as we can correctly assume, that is probably not the only thing they can't do. Besides, bad spelling is obviously a sign of not reading much, for anyone who reads would have seen the misspelled words written correctly thousands of times." S. Morris Engel, Fallacies and Pitfalls of Language: The Language Trap 18 (1994).
Not just word nerd, I suppose, but word snob. I am, though.

I think it's knitting time.

What do you do, when you need to step away from reality briefly?


Blogger Kate P said...

Ugh, ferrets. Hate them.

Stepping away from reality? I read, pet the cat, put on the stereo. (Leave opening the mail and watching the local news for later.) For big getaways, a day at the beach is good.

11:44 PM, September 04, 2013  
Blogger Mary Ellen said...

My comment got eaten!Trying again...

I like ferrets, but they stink. Even if you bathe them a lot, their particular musk is nasty.

I've needed to escape from reality a lot this week, so I've been playing a ton of video games. In fact, I might need a new one soon.

8:04 PM, September 05, 2013  

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