Saturday, September 07, 2013

More Secret Knitting Revealed!

Although I don't think of them as quite as much of an achievement as Octavian was (because, come on, knit squid), there are some other knitting projects that, having been given, can now shed their blog-silence and be revealed. And, oddly enough, one is also a sea creature!

Which is due to the fact that, once I had knit Octavian, it crossed my mind that there might be knit manatee patterns out there, and it turns out, there are several! More for crochet than knitting, for some reason, but I took this one and was perfectly happy with it. Well, not perfectly, but close enough to count. I mean, look at the face!
The best full-body picture I have is before the eyes went on.
Really, what could be better for the birthday of a manatee-loving friend? Not much.

If you're wondering about the orange thing on its face, that's a stitch marker. I had one in to mark the start of the round (if you remember, a while back, I showed you the start of a little bit of a something: that was his nose), and someone commented that it looked like he had a nose ring in. I decided that I agreed, and also that I thought it would appeal to the recipient, so it stayed.

The other gift, amazingly enough, has no oceanic connection at all. For my friend's birthday, I made her some bright, cheery fingerless mitts, with the yarn I had left from making a hat last year. It's soft and squishy and should be nicely warm while leaving fingers free to do things.
Including pose awkwardly, it would seem. Forgive my photography.

Now, Carlos is calling me, and I have things to do before bed. I'll try to be back tomorrow!


Blogger Jennifer said...

Love my gift so much! Thank you!

3:20 PM, September 10, 2013  

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