Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kind of Health-Related Things, Mostly. Well, Not All of It. Random!

​During the latest head-capades, my sore legs took a back seat, so to speak, but I would now like to report that my left leg is still sore from Saturday's gardening. Yes, just the left leg. Yes, from five days ago. Tell me about it; I am mighty sick of this.

Both legs did hurt, basically the backs of the thighs, on Sunday, and progressively more as the day went on. Monday, more so, but by Tuesday, I could tell it was getting better, especially the right. Yesterday the right barely hurt, and today it doesn't. The left, though? Well, it is getting better, oh so slowly, and I'm trying to stretch it out when I can (sitting at my desk, standing at the sink to wash my hands or brush my teeth, that kind of thing), but it's pretty annoying. Get with the program, muscle! Stop whining!

Partly to try to stretch it out, last night I got back on the bike*! Only for a few minutes, but after missing headache days, every bit counts. Especially if it's true, as a (preliminary) study suggests, that obesity contributes to migraines, which is a disturbing thought. And especially especially this:
"the risk of episodic migraine in those with obesity was greatest in those under 50 years of age, white individuals, and women."
In other words: me! Yikes. Perhaps I should print that out and put it over the bike, to serve as an additional reminder when I need it.
*So now the fronts of my calves are a bit sore. Excellent. Soon I will be spending more time stretching than actually riding the damned bike.

I don't actually eat that much first thing in the morning: I have a cup of coffee while I read the paper, then I make my smoothie and will drink a little bit (the part that doesn't fit in the container) before drinking the rest at work. Yet even that small amount is something my body expects, and this morning as I drove to the lab to have a (stupid, annoying) fasting blood test (remember that story? second time lucky today)(no, they really don't get much walk-in traffic), my stomach was rumbling at me:
Hey! You up there! What gives? Feed me!
I carried the smoothie in with me, and started drinking it as I left their office. Man! Creature of habit much? Sometimes it's routine, sometimes it's rut, but whatever you call it, there I am.

Being told, by a doctor, that "Losing weight is easy, it's keeping it off that's hard" makes me want to eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. Even though it is 60 degrees and raining out. It makes me angry and hurt and upset and all of that. Yes, keeping it off is hard, absolutely. But never in my entire life have I found losing weight to be "easy". He's a nice man and, I think, a good doctor, but dude? Shut up.

I got an e-mail from a recruiter today, about a position I'm not qualified for, in a city over 100 miles away (Connecticut!). Fail-fail!

"Following" on Etsy: is this a thing you're familiar with? Assuming you're familiar with Etsy?

Etsy is a website for mostly handmade stuff (but also vintage things and so on). There is a lot of very neat stuff there, it's a good place to kill time, and if I had unlimited money (and storage space), I would be buying a lot there. Living in the real world as I do, however, I have made five purchases in about four years (and one of those was a gift certificate; also, this; and here). I'm not a frequent shopper and am far from a trendsetter.

And yet, ​back in April I got an e-mail that so-and-so, a stranger to me, "started following you on Etsy" ... and then another a few weeks later, in May ... and now one today in July. Why? Why me? Do you understand? Anyone? Bueller?

I don't get it.


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