Thursday, August 29, 2013

His Lordship Says: Step Away from the Distraction Box

I'm happy to say that the reason I missed posting yesterday is NOT because I had a headache. Isn't that nice? In fact, I was out knitting and didn't get home until 9, at which time I made the (unusually mature) decision to ride the bike instead of blogging. Who would ever have predicted that? But I want this pair of socks to take much less time (by which I mean fewer months, since the number of hours will be the same) than the first pair of bike socks did.

There was also some serious Carlos time last night and tonight, since his lordship is not all that amused when I stay out late (or when I go out at all, if it comes down to it). He would prefer his time be spent like this, with many attendants to his many itches. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't happen; we come closer when my mother visits, but otherwise, he suffers through life with a single lackey. Poor boy.
Is that sarcasm? Are you trying to be funny?

Because if you are, I will give you the Ears of Annoyance you so richly deserve.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That is precisely the look, ears and all, Finn was giving me when he realized we were packing up for a weekend away, without him. He refused to let me pat him goodbye, either!

8:53 PM, August 30, 2013  

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