Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Kind of Uneventful Weekend Report I Like

Not a whole lot to report this weekend. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes, Target; reading, knitting, wandering online. Perfectly satisfactory, and delightfully migraine-free, but not newsworthy. The closest I come to news is related to Rhinebeck. Did you know that this is the fifth year I'll go? I didn't realize it myself until I looked back; cool.

Anyway, Saturday morning I thought that I would call the motel to see about booking a room, why not get that set up, right? Well, surprise: the motel we've stayed at each year is already full. I looked back at my e-mails from last year, and it was September when I called then to book the room! Yikes, indeed. I spread the word among my knitting friends who plan to go, and one of them (who wants to go for her first trip) got some recommendations from other knit-friends about where else we might try. That one is full, that one's $259 a night, ulp, that one's 20 miles away, can't we do better ... but one of them isn't too far from Rhinebeck, and had room, and at less than half the above rate, was much more reasonable. So I booked it quick, and felt much relief. It's more than two months off, but I put in vacation requests* for October on Friday, and am already starting to do my anticipation planning. Fun!
*The Friday and Monday around Columbus Day weekend for Apple Festival, of course, and the Monday after Rhinebeck to recover!

While I was padding around today tiding the house, I saw Miri on the bed, and then a little later Carlos on the bed and Miri lurking on the floor. Later, I went back in and saw this:
Please don't spoil it, please don't spoil it...
Look how close I got to him! Please don't spoil it!

I started (and ripped, and started, and ripped, and am about to re-start) another secret knitting project today, and though I won't show you the whole thing (if I manage to do it, that is!) until after it's given, I thought I'd show you the start.
Very illuminating, I know! The cast-on is fiddly but seamless, as advertised; that's not what caused the problem. A wrap-hole issue plus a yarn issue the first time, and a wait-a-minute, why are there 9 stitches not 10 on this needle the second time. Knitting keeps me humble! Off to hope for third time being the charm.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Rhinebeck Rhinebeck Rhinebeck!! So excited already!!

6:44 PM, August 05, 2013  
Blogger Leslie said...

Ah yes, Judy Becker's magic cast on. That first round is fiddly but after that... So, you're going to try toe up?

While I'll never go to Rhinebeck I look forward to your reports. It's good to know you'll be there again.

8:33 AM, August 07, 2013  

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