Monday, August 26, 2013


I​ wanted to take that all-the-socks picture ​yesterday to take advantage of the rare state known as "all the socks are clean," but I did it knowing that it was only going to be the status quo for a moment in time. The purse sock is more than halfway down the foot of the second sock, so it won't be much longer*, but the bike sock? Finished it last night, thank you, all but the kitchener (which I choose not to do on the bike; even I have limits, but I did it tonight). It took months, but at last, I have a completed pair of "these were knit completely on the bike" socks: yay! Pictures, of course, to come; we're heading into the time of year when I do the majority of my photography on the weekends, for light reasons, though of course tonight, it's for "I just got home from stitch and bitch" reasons. ​
*And I'm already thinking about which yarn comes next.​ I'm not exactly embarrassed at how many choices I have, but, well...

And after all, that may only be 20 hours over 10 months, which isn't so terribly much to brag about, but it's 20 hours I'd rather have been doing almost anything else, so points to me. And I have the next yarn ready to cast on tonight, so if you'll excuse me? ​I have to get on the bike.


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