Thursday, August 08, 2013

I'm Back! Head Clear!

There is nothing like a two-day migraine to make cramps seem simple and bearable. Oh, ouchie, whatever, la-la-la, take more drugs, my head is better!

I may be giddy. With the combination of day-after-headache hangover and cramps (and the drugs taken for the cramps), I suppose it's unlikely that I wouldn't be. I'm pretty pleased that I was able to work a full day, at near normal pace, and get a few groceries after. (Though I think I'm giving myself a pass on the bike, you know, just for tonight, even though I missed the last two days. There are limits.)

Since I didn't have the slightest headache on Monday, it was a surprise to wake up around 3 Tuesday morning and find myself in the middle of quite a bad one. I guess I'm used to them building while I'm awake, but this, whoa, there I was, ow.

So I went in to work late, once it was somewhat if not all better, and tried to take it easy. I only managed half a day before I had to leave, though, and Wednesday there was no question that I couldn't go in. I spent the day moving between the couch and bed, between naps or nap attempts and watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on the iPad.

It's funny how often, when I'm in the middle of one of these things, that the thought crosses my mind, "My head hurts." Like this is news! yes, dear, that's how it works. You have a headache. But I have to stop myself (when at work) from saying it out loud.

Perhaps the hardest part of working with a moderate headache is keeping all the whining inside. Well, that and not being able to burp out loud when I need to. But that was Tuesday; today, other than feeling a little wonky, was much much better. I finished one report and started another and was both slightly sluggish and delightedly non-headaching.

A funny thing happened at the grocery store, actually. I was buying some frozen stuff, and realizing that my insulated shopping bag was at home, I decided to buy another ($1.99 big spender!) since having two isn't a bad idea in the summer. When I got to the register, I put it down first, then the perishables, then the other food. And when it was my turn, the girl took the bag and handed it right to the bagger. I said, "Oh, but I have to pay for that, I'm just buying it now," or something like that, and she said Oh and took it back to ring, and I added to the bagger, "But then I want to use it!" She rang it up, and handed it back to him, and he looked at me, dead serious, and asked,
"Do you want the cold stuff in that?"
I wish so much that I had said no, but my mind went blank. I blinked at him a few times, then said yes, please. And ever since, I keep thinking of it and smiling, and shaking my head.


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