Monday, August 05, 2013

Five Unrelated Ponder Points

​I don't want to say that I read "too much" science fiction, since that's a relative term, and anyway I read some but not all that much, really. However, I definitely read enough that, when reading about the FLT3 gene in a report at work, I keep seeing it as FTL. Which, in case you don't read that much sci-fi, stands for faster than light. FTL flight is part of some Elizabeth Moon books I'm quite fond of.

​That have nothing to do with cancer, unless you are dyslexic. As I sometimes am.

​​The weather seems to have missed the memo that it's August. Summer is supposed to be hot, and while temps in the 70s are very pleasant, they aren't August to me. I'm not ready for summer weather to be done! Just because I'm making plans for October doesn't mean I want it to be October yet. One more heat wave, at least!

It was sunny today, there is that. I was happy about that much. 

​Am I being overly judgmental if I think that an adult, professional woman (in her 50s) should not be ending a business call with, "Bye-bye"?

On Saturday, as I was paying some bills, I reflected that vet bills seems to have been on my mind a lot in recent months. I decided to see just what the reality was, dollar-wise, and I went back to last September, when Carlos and Miri had their regular checkup, and added up that, Carlos' subsequent treatment for blood in the urine, ultrasound, follow-up, x-rays, and then the dental  work. In less than a year, it adds up to over $4,200, which was simultaneously validating and slightly sickening. No wonder it's been having an impact--that's not exactly loose change.
​Good thing I love him, eh? He's my therapy cat.

Have to go now: that fresh local corn on the cob isn't going to cook itself!


Blogger Kate P said...

I do believe The Cat would give Carlos a run for his money (literally), but yikes. The big picture isn't too pretty sometimes. You are very kind to your feline pal!

As for the weather--had some work done on the car today and it was left closed-up in full sun. When I picked it up, I burned my hands on the steering wheel, so that August sun is still super-hot!

10:51 PM, August 05, 2013  

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