Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fine, and In Brief

‚ÄčToday the head was much better, thankfully, though I did notice an increase in the number of times I banged my hands on things as I moved around. For some reason, I always get less coordinated* when I have a headache, lurching into door frames and the like, and on the headache hangover day this is generally also noticeable, though to a lesser extent; but I found it kind of funny that just the fingers still seemed to have it today. The weirdest things are connected.
‚Äč*Yes! it is possible for me to be even less coordinated than usual! I know it seems impossible, but it is in fact so.

I want to get to bed at a decent hour tonight (last night I had the light off before 9! man, I was tired), so I'll leave you with this to ponder. Today's New of the Stupid, via Boing Boing: According to the Wall Street Journal (the Wall Street Journal!), the recent Oprah-in-Switzerland kerfuffle could be explained by language issues. Namely, "The clerk's English isn't great, and Winfrey probably doesn't speak Swiss." Oh, ow. Thoughts?


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