Friday, August 23, 2013

Mostly Yarn Thoughts

As I had my nice, normal evening last night*, I was a little sad at how happy I was about it, if you follow the twisted thought process. It should have been nothing to notice, just an average evening. But too many of my evenings aren't average--on Wednesday night I managed to accomplish One Thing (boxing up my brother's birthday present to mail), and I was so proud of myself, fighting through the headache to get it done. Compare that with a night where I made chicken salad and wound some yarn and blogged and knit and biked--whoa, look at all that!
*And I feel almost normal today, though it teased me a while this afternoon: mostly, though, just some residual soreness/tenderness at the back of the skull, to remind me of what could happen. Charming.

And yes, I biked. The sock is into toe decreases! And this is the second sock, meaning that the pair is close to being done. I'm very excited to finish my first pair of knit-entirely-on-the-bike socks; it's funny how that motivation is working for me, whereas when I tried the same thing a couple of years ago, it didn't work for long. This time, I want to be able to say, "These were knit only while I rode the exercise bike! They are the embodiment of 20 hours of exercise!"

One of the yarns I wound last night is for the next pair of bike socks: it's the dark grey skein of Sock Dreams I got at Rhinebeck last year (when my color choices were that or grape kool-aid--this year, Periwinkle Sheep will be my second stop, so I get more color options), which will be perfect for bike knitting right under the good lamp. I also wound a skein of BFL I got at Rhinebeck, for which I am planning a shawl of my own. I want to incorporate some autumn leaves (since the colors are so right for that) into this shawl pattern, the Garden View Shawlette. We'll see if I can make it be like I'm imagining it. I want it deeper, for one thing, and I think three leaves worked into the body. We'll see.

Link, link, link tonight! I will leave you with this picture I took of Carlos last night. He wanted me to come to bed earlier than I was ready, so he gave up and came to me instead--and draped himself over my arm, so I couldn't really do anything. He's not stupid, this guy.


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