Saturday, August 17, 2013

Picture Time!

Let's see what's been caught on "film" as I've been around and about lately.

Not the best picture, but look at this man's sneakers.
Forget glow in the dark, those glow in the sunlight!
Not the usual car type to see in the rear view mirror! The driver was kind of a jerk, but hey, plenty of those in regular cars, too.
Noosa yogurt, or "yoghurt" (from Australia, apparently: Noosa, Australia). This was actually pretty good, but the packaging is fun, too.

Some knitting has been happening, too. I mentioned briefly that I wanted to try knitting washcloths to see what they're like. I made a simple one first:
Cotton yarn (Sugar'n Creme), US 4 needles, 30 stitches. Alternating 3 rows of K1P1 across with 3 rows of P1K1. Turned out fine, but shrank a bit, so not as big as I like to use.

Second one, in yellow Sugar'n Creme, same needles, 31 stitches, using the Bee Stitch pattern that the Yarn Harlot had shown with 2 stitches of garter as a border.
For comparison:
Isn't it interesting that they're only one stitch different, but look about three? Anyway, better size, but also shrank a bit. I used them for the first time, like them fine, enough to start making a third one, anyway (at 42 stitches, thank you). Still in process, and not photographed yet.

Technically, I started one before these, that didn't get that far before it was ripped out. I was using different yarn, and it being thinner, I didn't like how it was turning out. Sometimes, it isn't meant to be.

The one I started today, in fact, I started a different pattern, and it turned out to have a cable effect that was not a happy thing to do with cotton yarn, which notoriously has no give to it. Lots of frogging around here lately! Hopefully it's just a phase.


Blogger Kate P said...

A lot of my students have neon sneaks. Flashy!

If you eat yogurt from happy cows, does it make you happy too? I have to eat yogurt from happy almonds and coconuts, so it's just curiosity.

4:53 PM, August 19, 2013  

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