Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cards On The Table Time

‚ÄčI've been having kind of busy evenings this week, and it's nice to be have come straight home and be quietly doing laundry tonight. Not that I've been doing anything bad, or hard, this week; just, you know, I'm a homebody.

Monday I went to the chiropractor and to stitch and bitch, and then went pretty much straight to bed, still feeling wobbly from Sunday's headache.

Tuesday I returned a library book on the way to get my hair cut, then bought cat food (a Carlos-approved errand for sure!) and filled the car with gas.

Wednesday I went to CVS (Coke on sale!) and then Whole Foods: the chiropractor suggested I could try magnesium and gave me the name of a brand to try: it's powdered, and you add it to water. I spent the extra dollar on raspberry-lemon flavor, hope it's good. I also splurged on a fancy water drink, in a pretty bottle:
And you know, it was rather tasty. It's always a toss-up, trying these things, but I liked this one. I won't go back tomorrow for another, but I would buy it again. After that, I met up with my secondary knitting group, which I haven't actually been to in a long time, and used the big table to see what I was doing as I worked in the ends on the blanket. Got home close to 9, meaning I was up late, which I am not doing tonight, just saying.

Anyway, I know this isn't that much, but it was nice to just come straight home tonight. That's not to say that the evening has been without its annoyances, though.

First, I got a statement in the mail from the insurance about my recent blood-work, Remember that? Well, guess what? "Not covered." Apparently, routine blood-work is not something my plan covers? Riiiiight. So, another phone call, another round of arguing ... I couldn't face it tonight, but I'll have to soon, since I'm certainly not paying $363 out of my pocket.

Which, just as the icing on the cake, includes $40 coded as TRAVL 1 WAY NEC LAB SPEC; TRIP. Given that I went to them (twice), I hardly think that can be right.

In smaller but also annoying news, I was surprised to see, when looking at my bank account online, that my paycheck was a few dollars less than usual. I mean, five dollars and change isn't breaking the bank, but why? However, the statement hasn't come in the mail yet, and I don't seem to have written down the password I chose for accessing it online, so I'll have to wait and see. Annoying, when I was already annoyed..

There is humor to be seen as well, though. I got an e-mail suggesting blog sponsorship, since my blog "is not only refreshing, but it also inspires me to put together a beautiful home no matter how much your budget is." (You agree, right?) They then get straight to the point:
Here's what we had in mind:
We give you something or we pay you money.
Well then! Sign me up! (Not.)

Laundry out of the dryer time!


Blogger Kate P said...

I've been reading about magnesium--interested to hear how it goes (tastes).

Carlos extends your curfew if you go buy cat food, right? ;)

1:01 PM, August 16, 2013  

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