Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Fought the Headache...

And we all know who won, right?

​This month I've gone off the pill to see if that will lower the raised blood pressure that has my PCP all hot and bothered. At this point, as I start to suspect that being off the pill may be the reason for the increased number of headaches I've been having lately*, I feel like telling the PCP to take a flying leap ... but I'm trying to be patient.
*It can't be to blame for all of them, as it's only been a couple of weeks, but, you know...

It's hard. Very hard. How do I weigh the problems the high BP may bring down the road against the definite, absolute pain of the headaches right now?

So, yeah, that's where I was last night: whining and rocking and generally being miserable. Today was better in the morning, a bit worryingly worse again in the afternoon, mostly better now, though not all clear. I'm so tired of it: the number of headaches had been improving, but for each of the four weeks before this one, I've had two headache-impacted days; this week I'm on three days and it's only Thursday, and it suuuuuuucccckkkkkkssss. Other head thoughts:
  • ​Arguing with my head during a migraine makes about as much sense as arguing with a toddler who Is Not Tired! It takes energy and gets me nowhere.
  • ​One of my coworkers is on the phone All The Damn Time, and while I understand it's part of his job, there are times (generally headache-correlated times) when I just want to say to him, "Could you shut the fuck up? Just for one day?"
In happier thoughts, I realized today that it's six weeks to the start of the regular season! Camp opens in less than three weeks, rookie camp sooner than that. Hockey again!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I definitely suspect going off the pill as the reason for the increased headaches. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing as your body adjusts to the change!

7:48 PM, August 22, 2013  

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