Monday, August 19, 2013

Get Ready for Pictures!

‚ÄčI had a headache this morning (mild through moderate and into aura, which was pretty weird, and finally into storm-blew-through tired and wobbly), and looking back at all the recent Monday* headaches I've been having is making me wonder if I'm subconsciously more stressed by this job than I consciously think I am. It's actually six of the last eight Mondays that I've had at least a mild headache, and that's not good.
*I'm already looking forward to having Monday off in two weeks. Come on, long weekend!

A possible contributing factor for the last few weeks (though not months) is that I've been waiting for official word on something, something that the editor-boss mentioned as a change we would be making, a change that I very much do not agree with (either the change itself or the reason for it). If it actually happens, I think it will be the last straw, the point at which I start job searching again (ugh). No job is perfect, no company is perfect, but when enough of the table legs wobble, the situation becomes untenable, and we're approaching that point. Now, maybe the division head will say no, in which case good, but if not, well. Ugh. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of wobbly table legs, I called the insurance this morning about the lab work snafu, and 22 minutes* later, she is resubmitting the claim since as it turns out, yes, the lab should be a participating provider, yes it should. OK then; now we wait (again), since the claim? takes 20-25 business days. Nice scam, insurance, isn't it? I could feel my blood pressure going up when she told me that the lab, the one I found on their website, was not a participating provider.
*Mostly on hold while she "researched it further".

Happier thoughts! I had such a nice afternoon with friends yesterday, down on the Mass/Rhode Island border (lunch in Westport, which is MA, then shopping and beach walking in Little Compton, which is RI). It wasn't a traditionally beautiful day, but nice enough that we could eat lunch outside, and though it sprinkled on us while we beach-walked, the weather wasn't really all that bad. I even found a few pretty shells, which is not always the case on our northeast beaches.
Large and small! And really crappy pictures, since I just realized I didn't take one of them yesterday. Oh well!
Even in the rain, I love the beach. The sky, the water, the birds, the patterns in the sand.

Surprise! Yarn store!
It was really nice. I narrowly escaped without an armload.

Fun art gallery:
 This is a lamp!

Door knocker!

Trees, being artistically strangled by vines

Architectural detail on the house that would be ours if the world worked as it ought.
‚ÄčAnd its view, too.
Just a beautiful day, in spite of the lack of sun.
Please, sir, may I have another?


Blogger Kate P said...

Very nice! I am in love with that seashell doorknocker.

11:35 PM, August 19, 2013  

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